Wood pellets

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are a type of biofuel sales of which have been increasing worldwide. This is not surprising, because it has many advantages compared to other types of fuels.


Wood pellets production solves the problem not only as a high-quality and low-cost fuel. Recycling waste of timber, agriculture and peat is very important for the environment, because it is very economical in industrial production and effective for the environment.


Wood pellets are cylindrically shaped fuel granules up to 50 mm in length and a diameter up to 25 mm. Pellets production technology involves compressing biomaterial under high pressure without the use of adhesives. There is no sulfur or other harmful substances emissions during the combustion as well as less carbon dioxide.


For heating buildings pellet fuel is mainly cheaper oil, gas and electricity. Compared to coal, coke and wood, its cost is higher, but there are some other significant advantages.


Wood granules compared to firewood have a high density and a very low humidity, so combustion gives 1.5 times more heat. Thanks to the standard form of fuel pellets this biomaterial is both easy to transport and to automate the combustion process in boilers. That is why, boilers for pellets are maintenance-free as opposed to the solid ones.


Switching from oil or solid fuel to pellets does not require replacement of the boiler, the only thing you will need is to buy a special burner. During the combustion of fuel pellets a small amount of ash is produced, which can also be regarded as the advantage of this type of fuel.


If you do not want to choose between an affordable price and convenient exploitation of the fuel for heating than the decision of buying the pellets will be very rational and measured.

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Wood pellets Classic, 1 ton
Description: Wood pellets with 6 or 8 mm  and abrasion index coefficient of less than 1.&n..
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Wood pellets Premium, 1 ton
Wood pellets have high quality (white) with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm and abrasion index coeffici..
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Ecowarm is manufacturer and sells solid biofuel for European markets. Our specialists work hard to provide stable supplies and consistent product quality to our customers. Having thoroughly studied our customers needs, we have come to offer a wide array of biofuels: fuel sawdust briquettes (Nestro briquettes, RUF briquettes, Pini Kay briquettes), sawdust fuel pellets of diverse quality. In an effort to meet our customers demands, we have developed capacities to fulfill both retail and wholesale orders.


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