​Fuel briquettes RUF - convenient and convenient way of heating

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Today, the use of wood fuel briquettes is a modern and rather popular way of heating their homes. One of them is the so-called Euro wood RUF.

What are the advantages and features of wood fuel briquettes RUF?

First of all, fuel briquettes are a kind of solid fuel, an alternative to conventional wood and coal. Due to the proper and convenient form of the brick, they are very comfortable to use and store.

RUF is made from wood sawdust, without adding glue and other harmful impurities there. The strength and shape of the fuel cake is gaining due to strong compression and maximum drying. In essence, the RUF briquette is a pressed sawdust, which, when burned, does not harm people, because it is environmentally friendly material.

The main advantage of RUF fuel briquettes is 1,5 - 2 times higher combustion temperatures than firewood. This is due to the fact that Euro firewood has very low humidity and high heat output. After all, normal moisture in case of proper storage - 15-20%, and in the briquettes RUF- 4-8%.

Also, an important criterion for the quality of fuel briquettes is its density, which depends on the wood itself. For example, the density of oak - 0.81 g / cm3, and poplar - 0.4 g / cm3. Therefore, every cm3 of oak contains more useful and combustible wood material than the one of poplar. Accordingly, the heat dissipation of the fuel briquettes made of oak sawdust is higher.

Therefore, low humidity and high density are the main criteria for the quality of fuel wood briquettes.

RUF fuel briquettes are suitable as solid fuel for boilers of any type, and can also be used for fireplaces. They do not require additional care during storage. You can only cover the briquettes with a thick cloth so that they do not get any water.

The price of wood fuel briquettes RUF, at first glance, will be higher than of the firewood. But, considering the price per unit of heat, obtained from firewood and briquettes, the choice will be made in favor of Euro firewood.

By purchasing RUF fuel briquettes, you will be satisfied with the quality, reliability and comfort.

Latest update: Nov 14, 2018


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