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Coal is a very popular type of fuel. Use of the biomaterial has a high demand especially for boilers and fireplaces because it produces the maximum amount of heat. It is very economical and ecological solution for people who want to get the desired effect of using boilers.

Coal compared with brown and charcoal, has a higher performance, making it the market leader in coal fuel.

The above-mentioned biomaterial when burning 1 kg produces about 8000 KKL heat, which can not be secured using the gas.

Coal - this is the type of fuel, which requires a continuous supply of oxygen for the smooth operation of the heating system. Coal combustion does not produce any odor and smoke, which is a very practical and safe using.

To make a good choice when buying coal need to know it types that are present on the fuel market. Depending on the coal mining, size and chemical parameters depend on the quality and use of this material.

Abbreviation for packaging carbon AKO means "Anthracite" the size of the fraction of "fist / nut" or otherwise - the "big / walnut". Charcoals of this type has a size of 25 to 100 mm. There are also other types of characters, such as the AW - "Anthracite / Great" AM - "Anthracite / Small" and others.

For daily needs and the needs of utilities coal AKO will be the best solution. Biofuel which are packed in bags weighing 40 - 50 kg is very easy transporting. In this case, the price of coal entire order will depend on the cost of a single package.

If the customer prefers the option of packaging in a different way (for the weight of 1, 5, 10 kg and t d.), The price of coal, respectively, will be calculated on the basis of the cost of 1 ton of fuel.

Considering the above presented a description of the product and its benefits, the use of coal AKO is a very convenient and reasonable solution.

Latest update: Nov 14, 2018


Ecowarm is manufacturer and sells solid biofuel for European markets. Our specialists work hard to provide stable supplies and consistent product quality to our customers. Having thoroughly studied our customers needs, we have come to offer a wide array of biofuels: fuel sawdust briquettes (Nestro briquettes, RUF briquettes, Pini Kay briquettes), sawdust fuel pellets of diverse quality. In an effort to meet our customers demands, we have developed capacities to fulfill both retail and wholesale orders.



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