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​Fuel briquettes RUF - convenient and convenient way of heating

Posted by Ecowarm in Company's news on Nov 07, 2018.

Today, the use of wood fuel briquettes is a modern and rather popular way of heating their homes. One of them is the so-called Euro wood RUF. What are the advantages and features of wood fuel briquettes RUF? First of all, fuel briquettes are a kind of solid fuel, an alternative to conventional wood and coal. Due to the proper and convenient form of the brick, they are very comfortable to use and store. RUF is made from wood sawdust, without adding glue and other harmful impurities there. The strength and shape of the fuel cake is gaining due to strong compression and maximum drying. In..


How to make wood pellets

Posted by Ecowarm in Company's news on Sep 27, 2018.

Production of pellets Pellets or fuel pellets, are renewable, environmentally friendly bio-fuel whose energy is converted into heat energy by burning. Raw materials for pellets are mainly wood-processing and agricultural waste, which previously fell into a garbage dump: sawdust and cod, straw, husk and stems of sunflower, corn, etc. Stages of wood pellet production The production of fuel pellets (pellets) is carried out in several stages, and the process is called pressing. Let's consider more each of the processes. Wood crushing. In order to begin the production of pellets..


Charcoal in industrial production

Posted by Ecowarm in Company's news on Dec 19, 2016.

Charcoal in industrial production Charcoal contains in its structure a large amount of carbon, which is isolated by combustion of much energy. It is a natural type of fuel, which is obtained from different types of wood. The best representatives of the charcoal is industrially processed products oak, maple and fruit tree varieties. The process of charcoal production To wood turned into high-quality fuel, it will go through the pyrolysis process. It is a process of decomposition of raw materials, which occurs under the influence of high temperatures without oxygen. At the initial st..


Straw briquettes

Posted by Ecowarm in Industry News, Company's news on Nov 15, 2016.

Straw is a very popular and environmentally friendly materials for the environment. This product does not require much labor in order to obtain the raw material, as opposed to carbon or gas. Every year there are tons of industrial waste in the form of dried plants, which are then processed into briquettes from straw. At the time of production of the biomaterial material passes cleaning steps, drying, grinding and pressing. The amount of heat produced by the combustion of straw briquette is similar to wood or coal, but the fuel cost is lower. During the combustion of straw contamination o..



Posted by Ecowarm in Company's news on Nov 10, 2016.

Coal is a very popular type of fuel. Use of the biomaterial has a high demand especially for boilers and fireplaces because it produces the maximum amount of heat. It is very economical and ecological solution for people who want to get the desired effect of using boilers. Coal compared with brown and charcoal, has a higher performance, making it the market leader in coal fuel. The above-mentioned biomaterial when burning 1 kg produces about 8000 KKL heat, which can not be secured using the gas. Coal - this is the type of fuel, which requires a continuous supply of oxygen for the smoo..


briquettes of peat

Posted by Ecowarm in New arrivals of goods, Industry News, Company's news on Nov 03, 2016.

Peat briquette is one of the few types of fuel created by nature itself. At the time of production steps of the biomaterial material passes crushing, dispersion, drying, Orazi compression by a special machine. This type of biofuels may be used in any system, the heating and fireplaces and campfires. Indicators of heat generated in the combustion of peat briquettes are from 4500 to 5700 kcal / kg. The shape and size of the briquette is very convenient for transportation. For the relatively low price of peat briquettes will get beautiful and safe source of heat in the house. Peat brique..


On Friday, October 28, held an export forum for small and medium businesses - WEST EXPORTING FORUM 2016.

Posted by Ecowarm in Industry News, Company's news on Nov 02, 2016.

On Friday, October 28, held an export forum for small and medium businesses - WEST EXPORTING FORUM 2016. Forum Topic: "Building exports to the EU: examples, legal aspects, logistics, e-commerce." Coverage of ohopylyuvaly study all aspects of the Promotion of the European Union. Objectives of the Forum: to provide participants the opportunity to hear recognized practitioners and experts to export to EU markets. Location: Centre of leisure and "Crank City", m. Lutsk, st. Karbysheva, 1. Speakers at the forum were: 1.Oleh Miroshnichenko (moderator) 2.Valentyna Eagle (LLC «Fashion Home Rita",..



Ecowarm is manufacturer and sells solid biofuel for European markets. Our specialists work hard to provide stable supplies and consistent product quality to our customers. Having thoroughly studied our customers needs, we have come to offer a wide array of biofuels: fuel sawdust briquettes (Nestro briquettes, RUF briquettes, Pini Kay briquettes), sawdust fuel pellets of diverse quality. In an effort to meet our customers demands, we have developed capacities to fulfill both retail and wholesale orders.



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