Charcoal in industrial production

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Charcoal in industrial production

Charcoal contains in its structure a large amount of carbon, which is isolated by combustion of much energy. It is a natural type of fuel, which is obtained from different types of wood. The best representatives of the charcoal is industrially processed products oak, maple and fruit tree varieties.

The process of charcoal production

To wood turned into high-quality fuel, it will go through the pyrolysis process. It is a process of decomposition of raw materials, which occurs under the influence of high temperatures without oxygen.

At the initial stage of drying is performed at a temperature of the raw material 150 ° C. Then the pyrolysis process, ie gassing and formation of organic products at a temperature up to 350 ° C.

The final step is the treatment of charcoal from the resin and non-condensable gases. This is achieved at high temperatures up to 550 ° C.

The quality of raw materials and specifications determine the quality of the fuel produced.

Areas of use of charcoal in the industry

Charcoal as an efficient form of fuel known to people since ancient times. Without it did not do blacksmiths, steel makers and physicians. In today's world, a list of applications charcoal expanded significantly.

Charcoal is widely used in the chemical industry, as a filter in the production of chlorine, gasoline, organic fertilizers and chemicals for weed and pest destruction.

Charcoal in demand in today's steel production. This is the most expensive type of fuel for combustion in furnaces, so only high-quality and high-tech materials used in this industry. With the help of melted bronze, brass, manganese, nickel and other alloys.

As a result of the burning of charcoal ash is formed, which is an excellent fertilizer for the soil forestry and agriculture.

Widely used in the production of iron reducing charcoal abilities. The finished product contains not contain phosphorus and sulfur, in contrast to the use of coke, whereby the iron has a greater strength. Use charcoal in iron and steel in Russia.

Charcoal demand for grinding and polishing elements in the instrument and in the printing industry.

Coal produced from alder, used in the production of black powder. The fuel contains from 72 to 80% of carbon compounds, which provide additional benefits to the combustion process.

They learned how to use charcoal in the production of plastics. There it acts as a substitute granite, which is expensive and is a scarce material.

The use of charcoal in the domestic environment

In a domestic environment charcoal used in heating systems, and in food preparation in open spaces. Since this is an environmentally friendly and safe material, which also gives a uniform heat, its use in the country really helps the company picnic.

In countries where the predominant cold weather, have learned a very efficient use of the heat from the combustion of charcoal in the cooking process. As a result, most of the thermal energy is sent to the heating system.

Large amounts of charcoal buy kebab, restaurants and cafes, which prepare a variety of dishes on the grill. Food cooked in this way, smells good, has a golden brown, so are highly demanded.


Charcoal - a very convenient form of fuel for nutrition and rest. It facilitates the process of preparation to the main work, has a high emissivity, gives uniform heat for a long time, it does not emit smoke, easy to store and does not take up much space on delivery. Besides charcoal minimizes the risk of fire from flying sparks.


How to buy charcoal


To buy a quality product, you need to navigate in terms of quality. The content of fixed carbon in the charcoal defines the brand and grade of fuel. Charcoal may have a grade A and B, as well as mark the highest and first grade, which affects the price of the product.


For cooking an important indicator of a variety of wood, from which the fuel. Optimum performance has birch or oak wood.


Charcoal is packed in bags of different weight categories, ranging from 2.5 kg for retail needs. Businesses catering charcoal in bulk in bags made of polypropylene 10 and 15 kg.

For large wholesale supplies provided sale of charcoal on weight in polypropylene bags or containers.

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