Wood briquettes RUF Soft, 1 ton

Moisture,% from 7
Ash,% from 2
Calorific value, MJ: till 16,7
Product Unit dimensions, mm: 65x90-100x155
Composition: raw mixed sawdust of soft and hard wood, with a predominance of soft;
Packing: 12 bags in the package; 10 kg packing - a plastic bag; 96 packages- 960kg on the pallet
Pallet: Europallet 0,8х1,2m
Term of delivery: FCA

Description: Wood briquettes rectangular (shape - a small brick, manufactured hydraulic presses at pressures of 300-400 bar). Made of mix softwood and hardwood  sawdust. The cheapest type of briquettes from sawdust. Suitable for all types of solid fuel boilers, stoves, fireplaces, barbecues. Absolutely pure ecological fuel. It does not contain any chemicals. Briquettes packaged in packaging in transparent film weighing 10 kg that best protects against moisture briquettes.Bags compose on pallet on 96 stacked on pallet for 66 pieces, weighing 960 kg.Covered with stretch film and pull off polypropylen ribbon for safe transportation.

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Ecowarm is manufacturer and sells solid biofuel for European markets. Our specialists work hard to provide stable supplies and consistent product quality to our customers. Having thoroughly studied our customers needs, we have come to offer a wide array of biofuels: fuel sawdust briquettes (Nestro briquettes, RUF briquettes, Pini Kay briquettes), sawdust fuel pellets of diverse quality. In an effort to meet our customers demands, we have developed capacities to fulfill both retail and wholesale orders.



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